Driftwood at the Rongo, 12-09-11

Driftwood at the Rongo (Photo by Jonathan Plotkin)

It was last Friday night, and I had come to the Rongovian Embassy to see Driftwood, bringing with me my trusty multi-track recording rig to document it all. The Slaves warmed up the space, and Driftwood cut loose with a great set of original songs and covers to delight young and old. As banjoist Joe Kollar put it: “It’s a party. I’d like to emphasize that.”

There are nights where various factors come together; strong drink, good friends, and nuanced showmanship. There is stomping of feet, clapping of hands, whooping and hollering. It all blends together to form a sort of magic that we all love to talk about for months to come. It’s worth noting that the word “love” was uttered onstage no fewer than several dozen times. Love is surely omnipresent in the making of this music. These guys truly do have Rock & Roll Hearts. Have a listen:

Driftwood – Buffalo Street

Driftwood – Confidence Is

Driftwood – Words Come True

Driftwood – Turkey In The Straw

Driftwood – Time Is

Driftwood has a new, beautifully recorded CD available at CDbaby and Amazon. Have a listen to a few of these tracks over at driftwoodtheband.com.

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