Ithaca Generator – Lazerthon Crowdfunder

Produced for Ithaca Generator’s Great Lazerthon Crowdfunding Drive of 2014. Help the Generator purchase a laser cutter for the community to put to work.! — Ithaca Generator is a membership-supported makerspace in downtown Ithaca, NY; a community of inventors, crafters, designers, engineers and artists. —

2013-10-15 FINAL MASTER-1080 H

A Time To Build

Created for Planned Parenthood of the Southern Fingerlakes for their Public Launch Celebration in 2013. You can watch the event in its entirety (documented by myself and colleague Hi-Def Jeff) here.


Dynamic Inkline @ the Haunt

I recently went along with my comrade Hi Def Jeff to help document the rhyme stylings of Dynamic Inkline as they opened up for the Gunpoets at a sold-out show in the Haunt. Spirits were high and the healing powers of hiphop enticed at least one audience member to throw down his crutches and give …

2013 Spirit Cafe - Spring - for blog

Spirit Cafe w/ Answer the Muse and Richie & Rosie

A delightful time doing some live recording at the quarterly Spirit Cafe event at La Tourelle. Answer the Muse kicked things off with a set called “The Book of Love”; a handful of covers and original songs weaved into a narrative about love, one of my favorite subjects. Then Richie Stearns and Rosie Newton played …

Brew Day at Good Nature Brewing

I recently made it up to Hamilton, NY to shoot some footage at my buddy Matt’s brewery, Good Nature Brewing. Matt and his wife Carrie opened up only a year ago and have since expanded from a fledgling beer-in-a-bucket operation to a full-blown seven barrel brewery. It was a great day for filming, as they …

Dave Meade 2

Talk the talk, walk the Street Art Walk

I recently caught up with an old friend, David Meade, to do what we generally do best; wander the streets of New York City looking for weird things to look at and strange people to talk to. Dave and I were frequent collaborators when I lived in NYC, and when we went on our late …

Agora rehearsal, late August

Banging on Steel Panels: the sound design for Agora

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Noemie LaFrance’s “Agora” is BIG. It was staged in a 50,000 square foot abandoned swimming pool. McCarren Park Pool, designed by Robert Moses, was opened in 1936, and with a total capacity of 6800 simultaneous swimmers(!), was the largest of 10 pools scattered around …

Doolin Sesh

Duelin’ with Doolin; a recording session

It was cold in January, as it always is in Ithaca, but Ceili was pouring a round of chai as Nora tuned up her guitar, Jerry checked the intonation on his fiddle, and I started rushing around setting up mics and running cables here and there.  Everyone thus got warmed up pretty fast. Doolin O’Dey …

2012-01-11 Mark Lakeman-poster

Permatrekkin’ with Andrew Millison

Andrew Millison posted a recently finished video that he and I produced together on the Beaver State Permaculture site.  Andrew is an instructor in the Department of Horticulture at Oregon State University, a designer of Permaculture systems, a family man, and a really cool guy. What exactly IS permaculture, you might ask?  Andrew tells me: …