Nice Words

“Working with Norm was inspiring! He brought artistic spirit, confident ingenuity, and sincere enthusiasm to our project. Norm empowered us to dream big throughout the entire process, from concept design and direction, to videography, music selection, and editing. It was invaluable to work with someone who offered such an expansive skill set and technical expertise. This wonderful creative partnership resulted in a ragingly successful video contest for our company and we could not be more thrilled. Many thanks to Norm for crafting a fun, high-quality piece that we are so proud to share! “

Erin McIntosh, Communications Manager
Mountain Rose Herbs

“In my capacity as Artistic Director of Rainbow Dance Theatre and Professor of Dance at Western Oregon University I have collaborated with numerous local, national and international artists in the field of videography, original music composition and sound design. It is rare that you find all three in one artist. Norm Scott is just such an artist. Co-artistic director Valerie Bergman and I have worked with Norm on three projects. In each case Norm’s contribution to the creative process was integral to the project’s success. His sound design and musical compositions for “Light/Flight” (2009) merged pre-recorded music and newly composed sound elements into an aural feast. Additionally, his talent as a videographer captured this and other live theatrical performances, while his skill as an editor distilled the beauty and essence of these moments. Norm is easy to work with, open to sharing his ideas and a team player. The Greeks say that live theatre is both the vice and virtue of the gods. I imagine that if the god Apollo were directing a theatrical extravaganza, he would bring in Norm to design sound, create original music, shoot and edit his master piece.”

Darryl Thomas, Artistic Director
Rainbow Dance Theatre

“I went through several sound engineers who would end up imposing their own aesthetic on my film soundtracks. I like a very messy, “real” sound, with traffic and room echo. Norm was the first sound engineer who listened to me with an open mind, and got what I liked so much that he would come up his own amazing ideas to punch up my vision better than I could have done alone. Awkward character silences were now expertly punctuated by crows cawing in the background. Even when Norm moved out of NYC, I refused to even consider working with another sound engineer. Norm’s my man for life. I hope he’s ok with that.”

Cath Gulick, Filmmaker
Slow Burn

“The musical score-sound design of Brooks Williams and Norm Scott was both aesthetically compelling and technically superb, a mixture of sounds and musical snippets that shaped the entire performance and indeed the entire space.”

John Rockwell, New York Times (Sept. 15, 2005)
On Noemie Lafrance’s “Agora”

“The videography that Norm Scott provided for our dance program was of the highest quality. He always made sure he knew what we wanted to get out of the filming and provided beautiful visions of our dances. Our parents were very pleased with the videos, the pricing and Norm’s accessibility. He was also top quality with his sound engineering. His editing and mixing of music for our performances, lecture demonstrations and classwork allowed me to create pieces that flowed seamlessly from one section to the next. Norm Scott quickly became the go- to guy in our art community and the sound and video engineer we all wanted to have working on our projects.”

Donna Blatt Ervin,Director
Modern Dance Technique

“Norm Scott did an excellent job as videographer for the annual Corvallis Academy of Ballet recitals in 2009, 2012, 2011. It was reassuring to see him in the theater the day before the first recital performance, checking the sightlines and deciding on the best possible camera set-up for his two-camera filming process. He also frequently watched as much of the tech and dress rehearsals as possible, so that he could start generating ideas on how he wanted to film each individual piece within the recital. The resulting videos featured a good balance between close-ups on the adorable faces of the studio’s youngest dancers, to full-stage shots in the pieces for the advanced students that displayed the stronger technique of the more mature dancers, as well as the choreographic patterns of more complicated dance pieces. Norm also designed and launched the beautiful website for Corvallis Academy of Ballet, choosing a template that is easy for me to update on my own- no easy feat, as I am not the most computer-literate person. In addition to his professionalism and expertise, Norm is friendly and very easy to work with, and we will miss working with him on our various media projects.”

Megan Skinner, Director
Corvallis Academy of Ballet

“Norm makes the biggest project and the craziest ideas come to life. Without him, we would not have met our deadline. Snatch him up before Hollywood steals him!”

Zeb Elkinton, Salem-Liberty Office Manager
Willamette Dental

“Ah, Norm Scott will take you to the moon and back. He’s got a can do attitude and a sparkling creative mind. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Norm as he challenges me to take my work, ideas and art to new levels. Thanks Norm!”

Martha Williams, Filmmaker/Choreographer
The Movement Movement