I can record anything.
Recording: music multitracking, voiceovers, 2-track field recording
Film Sound: dialogue editing, noise reduction, foley/effects, ADR, mix
Restorations: hum, click and hiss removal, audio sweetening and EQ’ing
Transfers: cassette, vinyl, 1/4″ tape to CD or MP3
Original Music: electronica, avant garde, plunderphonics, experimental
Sound Design: for choreographers, installations, experiments


Your mind’s eye brought to life.
Videography: recitals, parties, events, shorts, educational
Editing: digitizing, logging, titling, motion graphics
DVD Authoring: menu design, chapter creation, encoding
Transfers: VHS, High-8, Super-8 film to DVD or iPod


Mysteries of audio and video revealed!
Consultation: your project deconstructed and organized, your audio and video questions answered
Private tutoring: learn to podcast, record music, shoot and edit video using your own computer (kids and adults)
Audio classes: study fundamentals of audio, voiceover recording, sound for film