Film Sound

At its best, sound for film shines at just the right moments and is otherwise transparent, fulfilling an humble role: to make a film sound like a film. Rather than drawing any attention to itself, the soundtrack should provide seamless continuity and complete the film’s illusion of an actual world.

I pay special attention to fundamentals first, with a heavy focus on identifying problem areas, cutting room tone, dialogue editing, and general cleanup. The next phase addresses the fun stuff; sound effects selected from my formidable FX library, custom-recorded foley effects, and dialogue replacement where needed. Music may be composed in-house, or by working closely with a composer. The project is then completed at the hand of audio sweetening and mixing.

This process can be scaled to any project. I’ve worked primarily on shorts, feature-length documentaries, promotional videos, experimental and student films. While nuanced audio is essential to any reasonably sized undertaking, even the smallest video venture can benefit from a little tender loving care.

Soman Chainani’s award-winning short film “Kali Ma” is an excellent example of a noteworthy Scott Mediaworks project. You can watch the entire film at Logo TV.